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LVP Design and Developments, Vancouver BC Residential Designer
Full Architectural Design 

LVP offers full Architectural design for all building types and is licensed to practice Architecture in British Columbia, Canada. The practice provides proper sequencing and phasing of the entire design process to make sure the requirements of every client is addressed properly. 

Typical Design process:

1. Site Selection and Investigation

2. Programming

3. Schematic Design

4. Design Development

5. Construction Documentation

6. Bidding and Tender

7. Construction Administration

Interior Design and Staging 

LVP also offers a comprehensive interior design service to tie-in and strengthen further the design indoors and breathe new life to any interior space. From paint selection to furniture layout, the company will do it's best to further enhance and improve the space.

Arrangement of furniture and accessories inside the interior space can also help show its potential. Whether one is selling their property or just need  a change, LVP is there to provide this service. This provision chiefly entails Staging, wherein the property is to be 'dressed-up' to achieve a certain 'wow factor'. This can be done using existing or with new furniture and accessories that can be rented or purchased from various local and international furniture and accessory suppliers.

General Contracting - Residential 

Let us build it for you. The same company that designed your home may also be the one that builds it. No further trepidation will involve itself, and the process of building is quickened as possible setbacks can be avoided. 


Project Management - Residential

If you decide to build your project by yourself (Owner-Built) LVP can help you manage your project by making sure it will be done according to the specification of the plans, given schedule and most importantly the budget. One of the big difference between Project Management (PM) and General Contracting (GC) is that PM does not necessitate a direct contract with the sub-trades and the project does not have a fix contract price like a GC.  Refer to the Home Owner Protection Office (HPO) for further details regarding Owner-Built homes

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